I wanted to create a brand that contained a variety of different products, each one with ingredients of the highest quality. This why I founded a small company that selects wines of the

In this Picture: Flavio Sartori with his father Loris.

Source: Agnese Ceschi, www.winemeridian.com

chi siamo


Our Philosophy

The name Scuderia Italia perfectly embodies our Philosophy. Just as a winning stable selects its champions and raises them with extreme attention, so Scuderia Italia makes a careful choice among the culinary excellences present in and around Italy.

The oenologists and experts of Scuderia Italia establish a relationship of close collaboration with the producers, in order to gather under a single brand jewels for the palate that only Italy can boast. Each of our products is therefore a valuable asset to be guarded carefully and reserved for the most important targets and people in one’s life.

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Scuderia Italia - Best Fine Wine Collection 2019 - Northern Italy Food&Drink Awards, LUX Life